June 4, 2006

The Music of Goodbye

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Good Night and Good Luck
Here is a before and after shot of my kitchen.
The before is not really a before, thank goodness!, because I haven't been living in a house with a bare cement floor for nine months. However, I did have--within the small area of my kitchen and entryway--linoleum, carpet, and tile. I was never crazy about having carpet under my table. I spill enough food on the living room carpet, without having to pull out the Resolve® every time I serve a meal in the kitchen. So the before picture on the left, is before the tile was laid, but after the carpet and linoleum were pulled up. How about all those colors? It was a little scary looking at the samples at Sutherland's. Blues? Pinks? Browns? I'm just hoping all the fabric I bought for my kitchen shades doesn't clash with the tile that I ended up with. That's a great camera angle on the left hiding the dinner dishes lined up at the sink. For dinner, we ate smothered pork chops. It's another recipe from my favorite cookbook. Dinner was yummy, if I say so myself, and then I ate Bluebell Dos Amigos ice cream with pureed strawberries. Yeah, I fell off the diet wagon with an extra large thud.
I'm tired of saying goodbye to everyone. Yesterday even my neighbors moved out. Is it me? And I've been psyching up to say the hardest goodbyes yet. My sisters are leaving the homestead for bigger and better. It seems like a clich├ęd love song, but what's the best way to say goodbye?
Okay, siblings. I think you should be able to post comments now. I'm tired of talking to myself. I want comments, people!


Wendy V. said...

Hey, I left your real comment somewhere else. You'll have to go on a hunt to find it.

KimberlyKV said...

A comment from myself:
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