June 12, 2006

Hell in a handbasket

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I'm tired! I have a lot of things I need to do before my vacation - both at work and at home - but I just want to fall asleep. So why am I blogging?

I couldn't pass up the chance to post a few pictures of Katie's birthday party. We had fondue and cheesecake and drank this red vampire punch. My mom also brought some crazy devilish decorations. There was even a horsehead in Katie's bed. How old was Katie in this picture?

Wild and crazy fun?!?

There's the crazy cheesecake from heck. It really looked pretty bad, but I liked it anyway.

I heard from two faraway friends tonight. Both of them were women that I worked with and with whom I became good friends. It's kind of bittersweet, because it is so wonderful to talk to them, but then I'm sad that they now live so far away.

Have I mentioned how excited I am about going to Austin? We're going to jaunt down to San Antonio, too. Maybe we'll even check out downtown San Antonio.

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wendy v. said...

Wasn't that so fun? Daddy apparently didn't think so... I thought it was hilarious when Mom said that Dad didn't want that spread around. : )