June 21, 2006

Nacho Libre

Nacho Libre Movie - Official Site

I didn't have a Netflix rental today, but I went with my entire family to see Nacho Libre tonight. That show is really crazy. It was my second time to see it. I was told that my laughter was the loudest in the theater. Oops. The first time I saw the movie, I was in Austin at the extremely cool Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. Highly recommend it!! (By the way, siblings, The Invisible Child was a real movie - TV movie, anyway.)

We got out of the movie at about 12:30am. I was really really craving nachos. Luckily, the drive-thru windows at both Taco Bueno and Taco Bell were still open, even if it was time to scrape the bottom of the bean pot. Katie and I decided to go for a nacho run...except we drove instead. I wanted to go to Taco Bueno, and Katie wanted Taco Bell, so we had this brilliant idea to do a taste test on their nachos. Read on for the results.

Taco Bueno® Mucho Nachos™
Cost: $3.49 + .29 tax = $3.78 total
(pictured left)


Taco Bell® Nachos BellGrande®
Cost: $2.59 + .20 tax = $2.79 total
(pictured right)

Katie preferred Taco Bell's nachos because "I don't know. What do you think?... Taco Bell wins 'cuz they have the better website.... Better coverage. More sour cream. Taco Bueno had better beans."

I thought Taco Malo had a slight edge because their cheese was better, and they had more beans. The beef from Taco Hell had a little more seasoning, and yet the meat was a little funky. For me, Taco Bueno wins by a chive. Wait! Taco Bell had the chives. Okay, Taco Bueno wins by a refried bean.

Well, I have some really funny pictures of my roomie in Stretchy Pants. You've gotta see the movie to get the joke. However, Blogger is being incredibly annoying tonight, so I've not been able to post the pictures. I'll try again. Meanwhile, go see the movie! (Go see it with friends or low expectations.)


Katie said...

May I just say that I do not appreciate nachos.

May I just say that I do appreciate stretchy pants.

May I just say that I do not appreciate the use of the H-LL word on your blog.

May I just say that I do appreciate your laugh in the theatre.

May I just say that you are hilarious and I love reading your blog.

Porter said...

wow....stretchy pants.... wow....