March 21, 2012

Australia Is Awesome

Tonight I went to the grocery store and bought scallops, barramundi, mango, and papaya. Can you tell I miss Australia?

Some of the foodie highlights we found Down Under were meat pies, kebabs, TimTams, tropical fruits, pavlovas, lamingtons, mud crabs, octopus, and kangaroo.

Nancy heartily approved of the meat pies.

Meat Pies Approved by Nancy

Oh, and there was brekkie at Bourke Street Bakery.

Macadamia & Honey Sticky Bun, Pain au Chocolat, Rhubarb & Pear Danish, and a Chocolate Tartlet. Don't judge me. That was shared amongst 7 people.

Tonight I tried scallops with a Thai sauce following this recipe.

For the sauce, I used a macadamia nut oil from where else but Queensland?

By the way, that video is a little over the top, but they don't exaggerate too much.