July 15, 2006

Close your eyes, and it will all be over soon...

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Not much to report today. I ran a few errands and watched my Netflix rentals and sent them back. I made sure to put the DVDs in the return envelope today. Did I mention I'm back in good Karma again? (See Bad Karma.) Either my guardian angel or a postal service employee got my non-enveloped Netflix rental back to its rightful owner. So I got a nice little credit for the DVD I had to buy a few weeks ago. "It always evens out for me."--Jerry Seinfeld

My typical Saturday night ritual is going to United to shop for food for Sunday dinner. I am still not sure what to cook for tomorrow. I have some tofu taking up space in the fridge. I have pork chops in the freezer. I have some rye bread. Mmmm...Reubens. That sounds pretty good. All that cheese and beef and Thousand Island? I think it's diet time. I decided it's only cute to be a foodie if you're a size 4 or smaller. But food is so much fun! I guess that's why my Saturday night ritual is going to the grocery store. I'm just sure that this time I'll see my dream guy with his plastic-frame glasses and canvas grocery bags. Ha ha! The drama queen in me is showing...

Office Space - Wikipedia   Isn't Wikipedia great?Pauline let me borrow Office Space this weekend. Anyone who works in an office must see that. I'm getting to be a real cubicle-dweller. My new favorite TV show is The Office, and my little cubicle tackboard is covered with Dilbert calendar pages that I think are cute. Hope you can read this. It's one of my favs.

Dilbert - July 7, 2006

Okay, well, Carmen is here, and we are going for a walk. I've gotta burn all the calories I'm going to eat tomorrow!

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Emily said...

I have to say that being a foodie is a very good thing to be. I don't think that a size 4 could be a happy foodie though because they would be worrying about becoming a size 6. Whereas, all of us who have proudly entered the double digits can enjoy our food without worrying about adding any digits to you size. I say hurrah for being a foodie!