July 18, 2006

Tell Me Something Good

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Rock On 1974

I am listening to "Tell Me Something Good" right now - sung by Rufus with Chaka Kahn. How can you not like musicians named Rufus and Chaka? 1970s music is the best; although, this album is kind of weak. I need a little cheering. I was pretty grouchy today, and I'm not sure why. Actually, I really missed Katie today. I got to read the letter she wrote to the family, and she sounds like she's doing fabulously. I'm so glad for her. I know she's where she wants to be.

Tonight I got home from piano lessons, and I had some company at my house for a bit. As soon as they left, I headed out to United for some comfort shopping. I guess it's good that I didn't eat comfort food, since it's better for my waistline, but shopping to relieve tension is just as bad on my bank account. I went up and down every aisle - even the pet supply aisle, and I don't even have a pet! I bought some more of those Rainier Cherries. No good-looking guys at the United in my neighborhood. I have to venture to the sexier Market Street United.

Ooh! One good thing that happened today: someone bought my CD I listed on half.com. Last week I ordered a CD especially for a jazz song I wanted, and someone was doing a voiceover during the whole song. How annoying! I listed it on half.com last night after receiving it in the mail yesterday. I think I should just about break even on the transaction. I want to write "Sucker!" on the packing invoice when I ship it to her. I'm such a weirdo that I pulled all the labels off the envelope, so that I could mail the CD in the same bubble envelope in which it was mailed to me. Actually, I'm using the label that had my address on it for the return address.

I think I'm going to go make some cookies to send to Katie. These cookies are the best cookies you've ever eaten. Big, chewy, chocolatey! Her little missionary friends will be so jealous!

My cookies are better than your cookies.

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wendy v. said...

Yeah, I'm so jealous.