July 20, 2006

Home Alone

Current Netflix rental:
Batman Begins

Another addition to my random blog... I'm living for the weekend. Although, Thursdays are pretty good, too. One still has the anticipation that a particularly good weekend is coming. Plus, I really like watching The Office. Gosh, now that Grey's Anatomy airs on Thursdays, too, who needs to leave the house? Luckily I have the original TiVo: my VCR.

weirdfortunecookies.comMore randomness: I came across an online collection of "odd, unusual, or just plain bizarre" fortune cookies. The premise is funnier than the actual collection, but here's a funny from the main page.

Speaking of Americanized Chinese, the new Pei Wei opened in Lubbock. I heard from a very reliable source that it's awful. I'm not surprised. Lubbock restaurants have a way of ruining food. I'm not exaggerating. I don't know if Lubbock is too far off the trade routes or what, but we certainly don't have any fabulous restaurants here, and the great ones can be counted on one hand. Maybe the restaurateurs have no impetus spurring them to quality service, because there is just no competition, and there always seem to be plenty of cars frequenting these spots. My reliable source said that a signature dish, mind you, the Pei Wei Spicy, was completely botched. We both vowed to avoid Pei Wei until the dust has settled from all the little rent-a-chefs running to apply for the job.

Also speaking of Americanized Chinese, we got a letter from Katie yesterday. Sounds like she's having fun at boot camp. I am not sure how exactly they converted our last name into Chinese, but I'll be interested to hear that one! I will provide her address on request.

Signing off, "Goodbye" in Mandarin is 再见 zài·jyèn. Check out the site for a pronunciation sound bite, and hopefully I didn't just post some Mandarin profanity.

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Anonymous said...

Good job being on the ball. I didnt know when the pei wei would open.