June 15, 2009

Tender Is the Pork

We know I can get into themes for dinner. Yesterday's menu was British. I watched this episode of Good Eats. I decided to make Alton's Pork Wellington, recipe starts at minute 4:45:

Porter and I got into an argument about how Pork Wellington got its name, and I won because I had seen that clip. Who says Food Network shows aren't educational? The recipe was incredibly easy to make, and everyone loved it. Scott even requested it for his birthday dinner in a couple of weeks. Along with that, we had Stilton/Gloucester cheese and crackers and green salad. I had planned on roasted red potatoes as a side, but I got lazy.

Pork Wellington

Strawberry Cream CakeWhat dessert goes with British? Shortcake, of course, and according to this site, June 14 is Strawberry Shortcake Day. Even better! I don't have a pretty picture of it, though. Zao gao.

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Porter said...

So I don't think I lost the argument, which wasn't much of an argument at all, by the way. You were right that his name was Wellesley, but the name Wellington from the Duke of Wellington doesn't derive from Wellesley but from Wellington in Somerset. Of course, that comes from wikipedia, which means that it's all probably made up anyway