June 19, 2009

How the Other 1% Lives

As we've seen before, when I need cheering, I like to read the BYU Police Beat. Those kids at BYU are always up to no good.

Police Beat for June 2
Suspicious Activity

May 22: A suspicious bald male was seen yelling and acting confused at Wymount Terrace. Police located the individual and discovered he was a resident who was yelling because other people were yelling. No charges or citations were made.

May 22: A male and female were seen entering and exiting rooms in the Brimhall Building. When officers arrived they found the male and female were custodial workers taking inventory in each room.

May 27: A suspicious male was making people nervous at the base of the RB stairs around 10 p.m. The man was gone when an officer arrived.

Civil Dispute

May 23: A former Wymount Terrace couple was reported to be harassing a current Wymount couple. The officers attempted to mediate between the disagreeing couples and told them to just leave each other alone.

Animal Problem

May 22: Police received a phone call about a problem at the botany pond. Police arrived at the site and had to rescue two baby ducks who were stuck in the storm drain. The officers reunited the baby ducks with the mother duck.
Police beat for June 16, 2009

June 5: An adult male dressed in black was reported running through the quad and hiding behind dumpsters at Wymount Terrace. The man ran through the quad, dropped to his belly and army-crawled, then got back to his feet and continued running. He ran past a woman and said “Good morning” before jumping in a car and speeding off.

June 6: An adult male dressed all in black was seen acting “stealthy and ninja-like” near Taylor Hall.

June 9: A suspicious toolbox was reported at the HFAC. The box belonged to the grounds crew working nearby.

Animal Problem

June 10: A juvenile was reported hurting a duck near the duck pond. The police were not able to locate the juvenile or the injured duck.
I've also been letting the spam accumulate in my gmail, so I can read the sender and subject lines for a laugh.
  • "You're a moron." from sechrest (Ryan? Is that you?)
  • "CONGRATULATIONS!!!" from Toyota Promochin
  • "Why lie? I need money."
I know it's sad, but they're funnier than anything my friends are sending me. Take that as a challenge and step it up. Maybe I've an especially odd sense of humor. Wouldn't surprise me. I've watched this video countless times and it makes me giggle every time. I'm not sure if it's only because I know the kid. Tell me, is this funny?


larshannon said...

Why did I not know about the BYU police beats before? Hilarious...

Jamie Cotter said...

That video of Abby is hilarious!