June 7, 2009


Yesterday, the birds singing outside woke me up at 6am. Where are those birds during the week when I've snoozed my alarm clock ten times? They are so loud it sounds like they're in the house. I've named them Kevin collectively. They apparently sit on my chimney and caw at me as a game. It isn't sweet singing like the Snow White or Cinderella birds. No, it's like something out of a Hitchcock film.

In case you're dying to know what I served for Blind Date Cuisine, here's the menu: Pan-seared chicken breasts with apricot-orange sauce, toasted almond rice pilaf, and broiled asparagus, then Rocky Road ice cream for dessert. Had the dessert been left up to me, I would have served vanilla or maybe crème fraîche ice cream (probably too exotic for a blind date) with fresh macerated apricots. Wonderful stone fruit season! Or maybe a pound cake with citrus glaze.

A menu of more importance was the one for Katie's birthday dinner last night. She requested red beans and rice and po'boys and Banana Nut ice cream for dessert. I used the red beans recipe from the Good Book, with double the bacon, cayenne, and Tabasco it called for. I think it was heavy on the oregano and thyme seasoning, and it needs some chili powder. The po'boys were simple: French bread hoagies, split, with a little bit of butter and a good slathering of mayonnaise on each half. You can't skimp on the mayonnaise. Top the bread with shredded lettuce, sliced tomatoes, and fried chicken pieces. Then give the chicken a good dousing with Frank's Hot Sauce.

Katie Birthday Dinner

Katie Birthday 2009The Banana Nut ice cream was very good. I have great memories of eating that at my grandparents' house as a little girl. Katie seems to get shafted on birthday cakes every year. Last year's Graham Cracker Cake was the worst cake I've ever made. Wendy said it was the best day of her life to see me fall flat on my face in the kitchen. Nice of Wendy to show up for Katie's birthday party last night. She even joined in practicing on Katie's new yoga mat.

Katie Birthday 2009

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