May 9, 2009

Derby Day

I found a wonderful new annual tradition in which to participate: the Kentucky Derby party.

Kentucky Derby Party

My kind of party. It mainly revolves around eating and mingling and wearing a big, flamboyant hat, but you can watch the horse race if you want. My hat was decidedly not big and flamboyant enough, but next year I'll know what to expect from the competition. Kim was the hostess and definitely the winner of the best hat contest. I'm not sure how she'll top herself next year. There was four yards of tulle around that brim. She also had some rhinestones and the letter 'K' on there. The picture really doesn't do it justice. I told her she needs to wear that hat while tailgating during football season.

Kentucky Derby Party

I took little lemon tartlets. I made thirty-two tarts, and I have never juiced so many lemons in my life. I tried a new recipe for the filling that turned out well, but I accidentally forgot to put a couple of tablespoons of cream in the first batch I made. Those were very sour pucker-up tarts, which I served as second string eats.

Kentucky Derby Party

I cheered for Pioneerof the Nile. The finish was amazing.

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Steve said...

I don't see you or your hat in any of those pictures. What's with that?