May 27, 2009

Breakfast Sandwich

On Memorial Day, Katie, Porter, and Eric came for breakfast. "Come over at 7:30-ish," I said, and it sounded like a good idea Sunday night, but not particularly so Monday morning at 5am when I was making pudding, nor at 6am when I was headed to United's deli counter. Oh well, I was pleasantly surprised at United to find the raspberries and deli black forest ham and turkey on sale.

Monte Cristo SandwichI asked what we should have for breakfast, and I was very proud of Porter for suggesting Monte Cristos. I think I've been a good influence on him. What a good idea for breakfast: a sandwich of ham, turkey, and cheese on French toast served with raspberry jam. I recommend smoked Gruyère for the cheese and hot pepper raspberry preserves.

Along with the sandwiches, we had vanilla pudding and berries. Kind of patriotic, I thought, with the white pudding, red raspberries, and um, black blackberries. Well, almost.

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