April 23, 2008

Wedding Jitters

The problem with wedding planning is that it usually causes fights among everyone involved. Check any Dear Abby-type column or listen to Dr. Laura's show, and I'll bet half of the people asking for advice are complaining about a wedding scenario. "My future sister-in-law wants to be a bridesmaid and I don't like the idea." "My mother said something nasty to me about the wedding invitations I picked." "My sister is a bridezilla and I won't put up with it any longer." Okay, I guess it just causes fights among the women involved.

Luckily, my sister is a gracious and easygoing bride-to-be, and so there have been no cat fights of which I'm aware. Katie even told me that I could be in charge of helping her choose the wedding cake for her reception. While I find much of wedding planning to be quite trivial, the food and cake follow only the bride and groom in importance, right? I have become a little obsessed with wedding cakes lately. Here I am with my Cake Lady ambitions, and the wedding cake is truly the ultimate cake to bake and decorate. It's presented as a centerpiece to reflect the happy couple's tastes and style. Hundreds of people will wait around just to partake. I've probably looked at hundreds of pictures of wedding cake by now, looking for inspiration.

I decided to deed all of my best wedding ideas to Katie, because I already got my Old Maid registration card in the mail. Like I'm in love with the idea (via Martha Stewart) of a dessert buffet at the reception in lieu of dinner or hors d'oeuvres. Katie and Porter already picked blue and brown as their wedding colors, and that color palette lends itself perfectly to flavors such as chocolate, coffee, vanilla, cream, white chocolate, coconut, meringue, and cream cheese.

I've decided that my responsibilities on the wedding day are first to the bride, making sure she has a happy day and everything she needs, including a perfect cake. Second, I've got to look as attractive as I'm capable of looking, hot enough to melt glass if possible. I fully expect that everyone that speaks to me will ask when I'm getting married, and I don't want look pitiful. I'll try to keep the snarky retorts to a minimum, too.

With my second goal in mind, I should probably pick up some new hobbies like daily jogging and Pilates. Those would do me more good than my current hobbies which include fantasizing about wedding cakes, menu planning, and eating the peanut butter swirl out of Baskin-Robbins Peanut Butter 'n Chocolate Ice Cream.

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Katie said...

I love you Kimberly. You're so funny. And I like the cake that you put on your blog.