April 29, 2008


I've hit a wall, a writer's block, if you will. I cannot concentrate any longer. I need focus, not Oreos. In my fit of nervousness, I believe that I've consumed 10,000 calories today, or was it 10,000 Whoppers? I finished off the orange juice and put a dent in the supply of shortdated milk. I ate a Koolickle and drank some Koolickle juice. I consumed bread. Also a pluot past its prime that had rolled to the back of the fridge. Yesterday it was some Blue Bell ice cream with too many flavor combinations. Chocolate Brownie Overload or some nonsense. Dad is right. The best ice cream flavors have short names. Chocolate. Vanilla. Why do I always go for "Super Premium Peanut Butter and Chocolate Passion" or the like? Ooh, speaking of ice cream, I just remembered that I have three cartons of Greek Gods Pagoto in the freezer. Baklava, Honey Pomegranate, and Chocolate Fig.

Just trying to come clean. I'm pretty sure I'll have to move up a clothes' size by the end of the semester, at which time the diet starts in earnest.

Better go turn in this paper.

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Katie said...

good luck, chica.