April 12, 2008

¡Feliz Cumpleaños!

I'm spending a second consecutive Saturday avoiding homework by scouring cookbooks and the Internet for recipes for a birthday dinner. This week it's for Dad's birthday. Chet already very graciously offered to grill up some steaks, and I plan to make another prize-winning German Chocolate Cake for Dad's cake, so that much is set. I'm trying to think of some great accompaniments to wow and please everyone.

One of Dad's gifts is Feasting on Asphalt - the River Run, the book accompanying the TV series. It has 40 recipes in it, so I'm looking there for steak sides. Good recipes, but nothing with potential for this menu. One gem I found was a recipe for Koolickles. If you missed the series, you might not know about this Delta food with a cult following. Koolickles are dill pickles marinated in Kool-Aid for a week, taking on a new color and sweet and sour flavor. They'd be fun to have ready for Dad's birthday, but they have to sit for a week. Recipe below.

Last night I ate Mexican food at Rosa's and watched the Spanish-language film La Misma Luna. The goofy theater employees never dimmed the theater lights, and I wasn't going to miss any of the movie to go complain. The best seat in town is the only seat in town around Lubbock. Anyway, the movie was cute and made me long for the days when I actually spoke Spanish worth a flip. Feliz cumpleaños, papi.

Road inspired recipe from Feasting on Asphalt - the River Run

1 gallon jar kosher dill pickles
2 packages unsweetened cherry Kool-Aid
1 pound sugar

Drain the liquid from the pickles into a large container. Add the Kool-Aid mix and the sugar to the liquid and stir until the sugar is completely dissolved. Remove the pickles from the jar, slice in the half lengthwise, and return them to the jar. Return the liquid to the jar of pickles. Not all of the liquid will fit, but make sure the pickles are completely covered. Place in the refrigerator and let sit for 1 week before eating.

Yield: 1 gallon Koolickles

*I'm wondering if it might not be a good idea to add some heat to this recipe, maybe kick it up with some jalapeño juice or ground spices. Why not make it sweet, sour, and spicy?

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