June 26, 2007


I may never play the piano again. Tonight I burned my fingers on a 500º oven rack while trying to save my house from being engulfed in flames. I was roasting marshmallows with the broiler, and apparently there is just no reason to put marshmallows within two inches of an oven element. They kind of caught fire. Those marshmallows look suspiciously like the cookies I burned a few months ago. It's a shame that I grew up to be such a dingbat, what with my good breeding and all that potential I showed back in kindergarten.

Charred Marshmallows and Fingers

Stand's Marshmallow Shake Recipe
from Francis Lam

3 scoops vanilla ice cream (they use Laboratorio del Gelato)
1 tablespoon whole milk
1 large dollop Woodstock Water Buffalo Milk yogurt (or I used
Greek Gods Yogurt, nonfat variety)
5 Kraft Jumbo Jet-Puffed marshmallows
Whipped cream

1) Toast marshmallows under a broiler, or, if you're frisky, over a flame until they just start to blacken evenly (the trick is to make sure it's evenly toasted and dark, but not turned to charcoal).

2) Put the milk, yogurt, and then ice cream in the blender. Blend carefully, just until you get a "doughnut"--when you see the shake holding to the sides of the blender with a hollow core.

3) Add three of the toasted marshmallows to the blender, and whirl it just until they're all broken up and distributed evenly. Be careful not to overblend it, making it too melty.

4) Pour shake into a glass, top with a dollop of whipped cream, break the last two marshmallows on top, and serve with an extra-wide straw.

5) Repeat if necessary. And it will probably be necessary.

Marshmallow ShakeYeah, the shake is good. I'd like to make it again. As you can see in the picture, the marshmallows aren't very dark - they look more like Nilla Wafers than toasted marshmallows. I wasn't taking any chances roasting the second batch, and I'm sure the flavor suffered as a result. I needed some fluff to distract me tonight from my research methods class. As usual, I'm spending the semester trying to get into back-to-school mode. I should be in the swing of things just in time for finals. Or not.

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