July 5, 2007

Independence Day

NYC 4th of July Fireworks, 2007

I celebrate Independence Day everyday, being single. Independence Day is a worse day to be single than Valentine's Day. I'm telling you. Singles will band together on Valentine's Day, and even couples will gripe about jumping through hoops for their S.O. on Valentine's. On July 4, what is there to do but sit on the lawn and watch fireworks and listen to music? What is more romantic than that?

I refused to watch fireworks last night and chose to watch some of the Monk marathon instead. I tried not to mope. I also saw Ratatouille yesterday, and it was super cute. It's even more of a foodie movie than Waitress.

I also noticed that no one refers to July 4th as "Independence Day" anymore. It's just "Happy 4th!" "What are you doing for the 4th?" Today, I asked one of my piano students what she did for Independence Day yesterday. "Yesterday was Independence Day?"

I'm tired of independence and am looking for a cute date to take me to the ACL Fest. Just look at this lineup! Sniff sniff.

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Ole de Cronche said...

Don't feel too bad, I've been married for five years and this was the first time we both had the 4th off; and it's our favorite holiday too!

Sorry about the fingers! Ouch! That had to hurt! I managed to singe some f the hair off my arm the other day lounging too close to the grill :-)

I see you added my Alton site to your blogroll! Thanks! I'll pop a link to your site on mine too.