July 24, 2007


Have you seen Waitress yet?

It's a fun, silly foodie movie. Keri Russell plays the part of Jenna, a waitress who makes fabulous pies and names them in response to events in her life. "I don't want Earl's baby pie" and "Kick in the pants pie," to name two.

Strawberry PieI've wanted to make a pie since I saw the movie Memorial Day weekend. Fortunately or unfortunately, my cake-making ambitions got in the way. I made a strawberry pie last week. We'll call it "I'd rather be employed by a bakery" pie.

Tonight I'm trying to make fresh fruit tartlets. I hope they turn out. I'm going to title them "I want to sell my house and move to Austin."

My pie crust looked really good going into the oven.What is your favorite pie? Someone say Mermaid Marshmallow Pie! Or, what would you name your pie?

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