October 30, 2006

Pay the Piper

I feel like this is one of those 'pay the piper' weeks, i.e., I'm going to be very sorry that I didn't get some of my work done earlier. Getting a good night's rest might be a good way to combat the working day ahead, but since when have I followed convention? I feel too anxious to sleep.

Part of it could be that birthday thing today. I think it's pathetic to be 24 and already feel that I've hit my scary age. Twenty-four sounds old enough to give up my Peter Pan lifestyle. However, I don't know what makes twenty-four so different from 23. I would probably wax much less philosophical had this birthday fallen on a weekend instead of a Monday.

Some of the melancholy may be lingering from the Tech and UT game. Unfortunately, I had to tape the game, and I haven't yet watched it. Scott theorizes that every time his football team wins, Tech loses. Now I don't know who to root for! I'm so glad USC finally lost. That team has been overrated since last season.

Photo by Nick Moore.  Oct 28, 2006

I'm glad for Halloween. It's a great holiday. I'm still working on my costume. I will probably post some pictures if I get it done in time to actually wear it. For those staying home to pass out candy: What to Avoid Giving out for Halloween, and The Best and Worst Candy Fillings. I'd hate for you to be on the receiving end of a prank for handing out pennies or walnuts instead of chocolate. My personal opinion: no candy corn either!

Please comment and tell me what your favorite trick-or-treat candy is. My favorite would probably be Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Happy Halloween!


Auntie Joy said...

Almond Joys...Happy Birthday, dear niece...may you live long enough to try a bite of all of it.

wendy v. said...

Both of those sound really good. I'm going to have to say Butterfinger I guess. I asked someone to preference today! I thought you would be proud. Actually, it wasn't that much of an accomplishment because he used to be an FHE brother. I swear he looks just like Daniel Radcliff. I'll take pictures for ya'll or something.

wendy v. said...


Oct. 23: A student was attempting to turn right on 450 East from the parking lot north of the Marriott Center and ran over a pedestrian's foot. The driver reported having sun in his eyes and not seeing the pedestrian. The victim suffered a possible broken foot and was taken to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center for treatment.

Oct. 25: A student reported a hit and run accident. A male student was riding his bike in a crosswalk in front of the ROTC building when a vehicle turned right and hit him. The student suffered minor injuries. The incident is currently under investigation.


Oct. 23: An assault was reported in R Hall of Deseret Towers. One male student threw a bug on another male student who retaliated by spraying shaving cream on the male that threw the bug. Shaving cream got in the eyes of the first student and the argument quickly escalated and became a physical confrontation.


Oct. 25: A piano bench was reported stolen from the lobby of Budge Hall in Helaman Halls.

Communications Violation

Oct. 25: An employee in the Widtsoe Building reported receiving a suspicious telephone call. The female employee reported a male calling and rambling about Mormons and his alcohol abuse problem.


Oct. 23: An employee at the Creamery on Ninth East reported the forging of discount coupons by a customer at the store. Employees accepted $23.86 worth of forged coupons before the fraud was realized and reported.


Oct. 25: A plastic skeleton was stolen from the Harris Fine Arts Center. The value of the skeleton is $2,000

wendy v. said...

BYU is ranked #25!

wendy v. said...

Criminal Mischief

Nov. 1- A male student in Deseret Towers reported his motorcycle moved from its regular parking stall to a different stall in the parking lot by unknown individuals. The student said the left side view mirror was broken off in the moving process.

Nov. 4- Three vehicles in a Heritage Halls parking lot were vandalized using ketchup, mayonnaise, hot dogs, salad dressing and tomatoes. The vandals used ketchup to write vulgar messages on the hoods of the cars.


Nov. 3- A female student reported her ex-boyfriend approached her in the Talmage Building and held her against her will desiring to talk about things. When she tried to leave he restrained her. The male student was issued a no-contact letter.

Suspicious Activity

Nov. 2- Single edge razorblades were recovered in various women's restrooms in the Wilkinson Student Center; this incident has been ongoing.

Nov. 2- A student in Helaman Halls received a letter with a large sum of money in it from an address in Salt Lake. The student does not know who sent the money and the incident is under investigation.


Oct. 30- A bicycle was stolen from Wyview Park. The bike was a 2006 Schwinn Beach Cruiser valued at $400.

Oct. 31- A computer monitor was stolen from a warehouse in the Student Auxiliary Services Building. The monitor was due to be shipped out of the warehouse that morning but had disappeared when workers tried to find it to ship it. The monitor is valued at $715.

Nov. 4- A student in Wymount Terrace reported her clothing stolen after leaving it overnight in a wash machine.

Vehicle Burglary

Nov. 3- A student at Wymount Terrace reported $8 in change taken out of the car's cup holder.

Nov. 3- A student at Wymount Terrace left his vehicle unlocked and reported his radio stolen as well as clothing and cash.

wendy v. said...

time for an update! I will if you will...