October 8, 2006

Bad Moon Rising

Current Netflix rental:
Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 2, Disc 2

Another weekend of college football in the books, and it wasn't a great weekend for Tech fans. I will say it was an exciting game, and it was winnable, but we mostly looked pretty sloppy. I expected a good game. Too bad it didn't go our way. I expect the Raiders to finish the season 8-4. Thoughts?

Missouri's William Moore steps in front of intended receiver Texas Tech's Robert Johnson for an interception returned for a touchdown, the second consecutive interception returned for a touchdown by Missouri, in the first half of a Big 12 Conference football game at Jones AT&T Stadium, Saturday, October 7, 2006, in Lubbock, Texas. (AP Photo/Joe Don Buckner)

The Aflac trivia question during the Tech/Missouri game was this: What Big 12 team has had a winning record each of the ten years since the inception of the conference?

The Red River shootout ended up being more of a blow out the second half. Arkansas looked really good at Auburn. I'm ready to fast forward to November 18 for the Ohio State v. Michigan game. The only exciting games left in the Big 12 South are probably rivalry games like A&M @ Texas and Oklahoma @ Oklahoma State. Those might not even turn out to be close. And in games that nobody cares about: after 8 missed FGs, North Texas prevails in 7 OTs. We are a liberal arts school, and we don't have time for that football stuff at North Texas.

Eggs Benedict & AsparagusI should probably give up my football watching in favor of more worthy pursuits anyway. Like eating. My foodie lifestyle has taken a dive since rejoining the world of pointy-headed academia. Today for lunch we had eggs benedict and broiled asparagus.

It is unbelievable, but I haven't been grocery shopping in a couple of weeks! As Scott lamented, "You have no dairy products in your house!" I seem to have quit doing two of my favorite things: grocery shopping and cooking!

I still haven't watched last week's episodes of Grey's Anatomy or The Office. I recorded them with the poor-man's TiVo, the VCR, and I think I should watch them now and catch up with the Meredith-McDreamy-McVet plot before someone inadvertently updates me.

Is anyone else loving this gorgeous Harvest Moon?


Auntie said...

I haven't been much of a cook lately either. At least you have been assiduous in your studies. Your eggs look as luscious as the moon.

wendy v. said...

So what is this "Curb Your Enthusiasm" stuff? Is it any good? My next rental will be "Hamlet" which I have to watch for humanities. Luckily we were able to choose any version we wanted. I really want to see the older version of it because I've seen parts of the two newest versions. Hopefully after that one I'll be able to get some more fun ones like "The Office: Season 2."

wendy v. said...

update my dear!