January 6, 2010

Make Mine Chocolate

White Christmas I couldn't remember having a cold and snowy December like we just had since I was a kid. Turns out that December 2009 was indeed one of the coldest on record in Lubbock. If you ask me, cold weather is terribly unwelcome any time after December. When you don't have the holidays to cheer you, winter makes me miserable.

Look at that ugliness. A fresh batch of cold air from the North Pole. I don't want anything from the North Pole except Santa Claus.

I left work tonight just before 6 and happily discovered sunshine, calm air, and balmy temps in the 50°s. I ran an errand and exited just before 7 to find apocalyptic winds and and arctic chill outside. I hate it. January and February are the most depressing months of the year because it's so cold and gets dark so early.

World Market Salted Caramel Cocoa MixTonight I'm coping by drinking Salted Caramel hot chocolate from World Market and eating fresh strawberries. Salted caramels and salted chocolates have been trendy for years, and it's a craze I fully support, although detractors still exist. I went to a Christmas party for singles last month, and one of the available beverages was salted caramel hot chocolate. Actually, there was a squeeze bottle of caramel, which we were supposed to pour in our styrofoam cups, salt, and then ladle hot chocolate over, so, kind of..... But it wasn't something those kids could handle. Conversations consisted of me telling them it was good and they'd screw up their faces and respond, "Eww. Salted caramel! What?!?" And I'd sneer. I was on the other end of the snob spectrum, thinking, "Squeeze caramel! What?!? Caramel doesn't come from a bottle." Not nice.

Perhaps my food snobbery is a pose, as I had never even heard of the exquisite NōKA Chocolate before Matt gave me some for Christmas.

Noka Chocolate Noka Chocolate

With their four flavors named Vivienté™, Carmeñago™, Bambarra™, and Tamborina™, and the tasting guide with six stated instructions beginning with "Be Present - Smile and breathe deeply," it's definitely good and snobby and very delicious. Half of two truffles was a perfect indulgence tonight.

Noka Chocolate

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