March 5, 2008

How to annoy your co-worker

An oldie but a goodie -

1. Steal her stapler from her desk. (This step may involve some personal sacrifices, such as staying late or arriving early to work. Possibly too much to ask.)

2. Buy lemon Jell-O in huge quantities. (Or other light colored flavor. Preferably one you'd like to eat in huge quantities.)

Jello Stapler3. Get a gelatin mold. (These are somewhat hard to come by, since molded Jell-O salads went out in the 1970s. You can use pretty much any plastic container as a substitute.)

4. Grease mold or container with Pam.

5. Make half of the Jell-O packages according to instructions.

6. Pour Jell-O into mold. Place in refrigerator and allow to set for about two hours. (Jell-O should not set completely.)Jello Stapler

7. Place stapler on top of partially set Jell-O.

8. Make remaining Jell-O packages. Pour into mold over stapler.

9. Return mold to refrigerator and allow to set completely.

10. Unmold Jell-O onto serving dish or desk top or whatever seems most inappropriate.

Jello Stapler

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"I just don't like the way it moves..."


Chet said...

The paper plate is a nice touch :) Good thing it wasn't a red swingline... those things are hard to come by. Why did you choose that color of jello? Is the jello still edible?

KimberlyKV said...

What's this accusatory tone you're taking with me, Chet? I would never do anything to annoy my co-workers. But theoretically you'd have to use a paper plate if you want to avoid detection. "Yo matey, when you're done eating that Jell-O, can I have my plate back?" Yellow Jell-O is the best for actually being able to see the stapler. You could use clear, plain gelatin, which would look pretty gross. The Jell-O is completely edible. She wanted to eat some, but another co-worker intervened. "I'll go buy you some hospital Jell-O if you want it that much..."

Auntie said...

You didn't!?!

What next, pickled paper clips?

Porter said...



Steve said...

April Fool's Day is approaching. I need your help with ideas.

It's almost too easy to pick on Gul, but I heard about a prank that would be good for her. I've noticed that she frequently leaves her desk without locking her computer.

Take a screen shot of her desktop and set it as her wallpaper. Then move all her icons to a separate folder.

I can just picture her freaking out when nothing happens when she double-clicks her "icons".