February 17, 2007

Happy New Year

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Red [lanterns] - the symbol of good luck

Tonight we're celebrating Chinese New Year. I googled "Chinese New Year recipes" trying to find a dessert recipe I could take to dinner. I'm not sure how brave I'm going to be with my cooking. So far, only these Chinese Almond Cookies sound promising--marginal Chinese at best. I think I'm about to go tour the local Asian markets and see if I can come up with anything better.

Katie wrote me this week that she ate some Stinky Tofu for the first time. She wrote: "It was honestly the best tofu I've ever had. I don't know how they make it, but the lady that gave it to us fried it up, put pepper and soy sauce on it, and served it with cabbage. I've come to the conclusion that I do not like tofu, but if I came across stinky tofu I would eat it again." I got my passport in the mail this week, and that is the first food I'm trying when I get to Taiwan.

Sweet Rice Flour for Bibingka!The night before Valentine's Day I made some Bibingka. I stumbled upon the recipe for this Filipino dessert. It's different than any dessert I've ever made. It's made with sweet rice flour, and it makes a spongy cake that doesn't really melt in your mouth like the cakes I'm used to. It's one of those things you probably just have to try, and I would make it again. I made it for Valentine's Day so that I could say, "Will you beebingka my Valentine?" I didn't get anywhere with that line. I also terminated my online dating experiment. No good could come of it.

Xīn nián kuài lè (新年快乐)
Happy New Year! 2007 is the year of the Pig!

My Chinese Zodiac sign is the Dog. I thought my horoscope was pretty accurate. What do you think of yours?


Year of the golden pig


Jetton said...

I am the year of the pig. Does that say something about just me or men in general?

wendy v. said...

Accurate? They're so vague that any of them could fit any person basically, don't you think? It seems like most of the attributes are listed in all of the descriptions. Ha! Anyway, I'm excited to hear more about the celebration ya'll had.