April 23, 2006

This Is a Very Solemn Occasion

Current Netflix rental:
Beyond the Sea

I've had that stupid movie for a month trying to finish it. Don't rent it.

Is tonight's episode of Grey's Anatomy a new one? I'm taping it, but my VCR is screwy, and I'm worried I missed the first few minutes. What is the deal with ABC and their schedule? Shows take random hiatuses, and switch airtimes and such. Is anyone else annoyed by this?

Scott and Wendy are here, and we are playing a game called "This Is a Very Solemn Occasion." It's an update on the staring game, where neither person in the pair can laugh. It's impossible not to laugh playing with Wendy and Scott. Those two are crazy. How to play the game (courtesy Scott and Wendy):

You look at your partner straight in the eye. Dead lock. And then, you stare down your partner. That lasts for, like, one second. The one second stare down. And then, you say, in a solemn voice, with a straight face, "This is a very solemn occasion." And then, your partner looks at you, and with the exact same facial features (hard for girls 'cuz they don't shave), says, "Indeed it is." And then, you both look down at the ground, make sure no one stole your shoes, and say, "Ho ho ho." And then, your partner looks at the next person in line and repeats the process after a two second pause for laughter. If you laugh or smile at any point, you're supposed to be out.

There's another game like this. It's hard. "Honey, I love you. Won't you please please smile for me?" It's hard not to laugh. Scott cheats and wiggles his eyebrows like Groucho Marx. Thanks, guys.

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