November 7, 2011

Can a PB&J sandwich be snobby?

(I don't want to abandon this blog, so I'm going to try writing shorter, more frequent posts. We'll see how that goes.)

Today for lunch I am eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. That might not sound appealing but I judged it to be one of the better sack lunches I've eaten. Here's why:

The peanut butter I used was Cream Nut Natural Peanut Butter from Koeze. Koeze makes old-fashioned peanut butter (just Virginia peanuts and salt) and has been since 1925.

The "jelly" is Wild Blackberry & Elderflower Conserve from American Spoon. They describe their preserves as "Spoon Preserves" because they're more suited to spooning than spreading with a knife. Their preserves certainly have more pieces of whole fruit than any other I've tried. It makes me think that their farmers are skipping up and down beside wild blackberry patches, plucking berries off the bushes to fill their handbaskets, while singing in four-part harmony. In the kitchen, they "prepare fruits by hand and cook them in small copper kettle batches." The fruit doesn't seem mashed or over-sweetened in the slightest.

The bread is a multigrain loaf from a local CSA, charitably donated to me. Thanks, Mom! And my beverage of choice is 33 cl of Perrier. I developed a little addiction to the eaux minérales gazeuses in Europe last month.

And yes, I use the same knife for the peanut butter as I do for the jelly. Do you?


wendy w. said...

No! I never use the same knife. I don't like little bits of peanut butter in my preserves, but I find them there anyway because Jonathan tends to hold your views on pb&j knife usage.

Janeheiress said...

Your sandwich sounds delicious! I've been eating pbj lately too, but mine's slightly less snobby than yours. I use "natural" peanut butter (I hate the way that word is used in food products, but it really is missing most of the nasty preservatives), spreadable fruit (not nearly as sickly sweet as regular jam), and WalMart bakery wheat rolls (no HFcornsyrup, and they actually taste like wheat instead of sugar like EVERY other store-bought bread at mainstream grocery stores does). Yes, I am cheap and I am lazy!

Auntie said...

Yay for a blog post!

My low-carb plan is no bread, no jelly-- just lick the peanut butter straight off the knife.