February 1, 2011

San Diego Extraordinary Desserts

You know what was as good as the food and mild winter weather in San Diego? The desserts. Check out the flavor selection at Pappalecco: Stracciatella, Pappalecco, Nutella, Arancia, Fragola, Nocciola, Cioccolato Fondente, Banana, Cioccolato, Pistacchio, Mocha, Vaniglia, Coco, Limon.

Pappalecco Gelato

I tried Arancia and Pappalecco. Arancia was a blood orange sorbetto, and their house flavor, Pappalecco, was a chocolate amaretto gelato with chocolate amaretti folded in. Amazing!

Extraordinary Desserts

As soon as I found out I was going to San Diego, I knew I'd have to make a pilgrimage to Extraordinary Desserts. They have some of the most beautiful desserts I've ever seen. Their display case was filled with beautiful cakes, pavlovas, shortcakes - all adorned with ribbons, fruit, gold leaf, flowers, etc.

Extraordinary Desserts

Luckily I was able to convince a couple of liberry buddies to accompany me, which was good because I got to sample more desserts. One of my friends tried the Gianduia Cake that I'd ordered last time and tried to recreate. I have to brag and say that I've mastered it. Mine tasted as good as the original. Another friend ordered the Truffe Framboise, described as "Fresh raspberries and kirsch moistened chocolate cake layers are surrounded by bittersweet Valrhona chocolate mousse, with fresh raspberries bursting inside and out."

Extraordinary Desserts

I opted for the Passion Fruit Ricotta Torte, an anti-chocolate option. "Ricotta cake layers, soaked with passion fruit juice and layered with passion fruit whipped cream, kiwis, strawberries and bananas. A tropical explosion!" It was lighter than my friends' rich chocolate desserts, and the tartness of the kiwi and passion fruit was just right.

Extraordinary Desserts

And the last thing I ate before getting on the plane home was the Coppa Croccante at Chocolat Cremerie. More gelato, this time Pistachio, Hazelnut, & Coconut, topped with amaretto cookies and fresh whipped cream. The gelato bars could give Extraordinary Desserts some good competition.

Chocolat Cremerie San Diego

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