March 4, 2010

Blue Sky Smiling at Me

A new burger place called Blue Sky opened at 98th & Quaker a few weeks ago. The first time I ate there, I had to park across the street, because the parking lot was filled to overflowing. Lubbock may not support the arts, but beef is a different matter.

Blue Sky Bacon Cheeseburger

I tried their green chile cheeseburger, and it was fabulous. The green chiles do come on the side in a cup, not pre-slathered on the patty, but I was okay with that. The burger is very big, and the bun is fresh and soft, so this is definitely a burger you have to hold with both hands. I also tried their onion rings and fried chile sticks (fried anaheim peppers), which were completely new to me. I thought the fried chile sticks would taste good on a burger, so I had to try it, and I can confirm that they are in fact as good on the burger as on the side.

Blue Sky started in Amarillo and expanded to Lubbock. The Lubbock location has a mural on the wall of the Lubbock skyline and cotton strippers, which of course made me feel right at home. I'm digging that there are decent restaurants opening on 98th St, because previously the selection was limited to 7-11 convenience stores, and I hit my lifetime quota of Twinkies in the 80s.


Melanie said...

Are you going to post about those divine peach and pear sandwiches you made last week? I want the recipes!

Steve said...

You're telling me that this place has been right under my nose for all this time?!

Better late than never. Thanks for the heads-up.

The Davis Family Three said...

Love the burger pic! Yum! Blue Sky is next on my list of places to eat...thanks for the review.

Jamie Cotter said...

That looks sooooo good! Can't wait to try all the new places when we get back home!