February 22, 2008


Saturday morning is the annual Lion's Club Pancake Breakfast. I think I'll go and bring my outside syrups with me. Can't have pancakes without good syrup, and I've got a good maple and a Chokecherry. Goodness knows I've got a peanut butter jar for everyone in the family to take along. Otherwise it'd be Aunt Jemima and Parkay.

Retiring from cooking has just meant lousy food, blogging, and some extra TV watching to avoid homework. I might as well be cooking. I'm thinking diner fare for Sunday dinner. Maybe I'll revisit the Reuben; a side of something potato-based, could be chips, fries, potato salad; and pie for dessert. It's all gotta be kosher, though, if you're starting with a Reuben. No bacon at this meal!


Katie Sue said...

I've missed your cooking and can't wait for some reubens. Yummy. Thanks for the "paincakes" this morning and especially for the peanut butter.

Chet said...

I've missed your cooking too, thought last nights sneak peek was very yummy! I'm excited about your reubens today!

Porter said...

You know, I have to admit...I'm grateful for your hiatus on cooking. It happened while I was gone, meaning I didn't miss out on much, AND after a hiatus, we all come back better than ever. In other words, I'm sorry that I missed your reubens but I'm prepared for the future