February 21, 2008

I'm a Nutt

E-mail from Katie this morning:
Hey did you see the stuff in the aj about peanut butter...they must've come and taken a picture last night when you were gone


Yep, I'll admit it. There are no fewer than seven jars of various nut butters in my pantry tonight. That's probably a six-month low for me, too. I haven't replaced my rather recently depleted Jif Extra Crunchy and Creamy varieties. I've got Nutella, honey-roasted versions, cashew butter, and sunflower seed butter; among my favorites is The Heat Is On, a spicy peanut butter - fine for sandwiches and great for mole! The White Chocolate Wonderful is even better. I'll confess that I've eaten that stuff straight out of the jar many times. Hence the stock is currently out. I suspect that it would also make a great peanut butter swirl in some homemade ice cream. Unfortunately, I can't get those two in local stores. Sites to check out:

Peanut Butter & Company

I don't know how you feel about ordering foodie stuffs online. I remember reading Candyfreak a couple of years ago and deciding I must try the Five Star Peanut Butter Bar from Lake Champlain Chocolates. (Yikes! I think they've gone up in price since then.) I'd go to equal lengths to get my Xocolatl hot chocolate, which I don't even see on the site anymore, See's Nut and Chew Bars, etc. On the wish list now: BonBonBar's Malt Bar from a one-woman startup in L.A. I'm a sucker for malt. Would also like to have a Mozart Piano Bar. It's been too long! I say order now while it's winter and you don't have to pay for warm weather shipping.

These foodie indulgences of mine may be a little ridiculous. Here's something else I could probably get into: fresh dairy products from local creameries. (That Times story has to include the best aptonym of all time, quoting Nancy Nipples, the dairy farmer.) Raw milk does taste better. There's a good goat creamery, Haute Goat Creamery, here in town. I'm a huge fan of the honey flavored cheese.

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Katie Sue said...

Kimberly, funny story...

Dad saw the picture of the peanut butter and laughing, in only the way that Dad can, said, "Ha, she took a picture of her peanut butter." Wendy said, "no." And then dad said something to the effect of no one else has peanut butter like that. Ha ha ha.