January 12, 2008

All Is Right with the World

Christmas with Katie

Or at least all is right with my little world. It is even more fun than I imagined it would be to have all of the family in one city again. We're all just a little bit giddy. I looked forward to coming home tonight and not being the only one home. But then I beat Katie home, so I ended up being home alone as usual. Then I was further saddened to realize my little sister was out later than I was. Made me want to go out on the town, just so that I wasn't the old fogey that was the first one home for the night.

Katie spouts a lot of random Chinese phrases in conversation now. It's cool, but a little unnerving, because she often laughs afterwards. I just know she's joking about me. Last night, she and Dad were sitting in front of the computer watching this clip, which inspired laughter as well.

Who knew "Hakuna Matata" was a Chinese phrase? I need to brush up on my Mandarin before our Taiwan trip in a couple of months. Or I could buy these T-shirts:

Katie's Return

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