August 13, 2007

Still Single Shower

I have this great idea to have a "Still Single Shower" for myself to recoup from the losses after years of attending bridal and baby showers for my friends. I wouldn't really request gifts. It would actually just be a party to celebrate my fabulousness, with a tongue-in-cheek theme. So now I need ideas for it. I am trying for something that screams single and fabulous and not so much old maid. I want people leaving my party saying, "What is wrong with the guys around here?", and not, "I guess we know why she's single." Food-wise, I'm thinking it will be a dessert party, since that's what I like to make, but I guess I could do some real foods, too.

You're all invited to the shower. Men are welcome, too, and don't worry, there will be no giggling at this shower. We will all be mourning my failed love life, which is nothing to laugh about.

Nice thing about being single: I get both closets in the master bedroom. Of course, I don't use them, because other nice thing about being single: King size bed all to myself. It's a nice place for laying my clothes. Also, the living room is crowded with clothes air drying after laundry day. Yesterday Wendy mentioned that I had two closets, both of which must be empty, since all of my clothes are in my bedroom and living room. "How do you decide which clothes to put in which closet?" she asked.

I answered, "One is for clothes I would wear. And the other is for clothes I would never wear."

Sad but trueI want party suggestions, people. Should I pass a collection plate for my plastic surgery fund?


Auntie said...

With WHAT would we shower you?

Hers & Hers towels, lingerie?

I wish I could make it rain men.

Nemesis said...

I think you should make a cake in the shape of a uterus. With, like, shriveled prunes on the sides to represent ovaries. Just an idea!

Jetton said...

ummmm.... I don't think I'd eat the uterus cake... I'm not a fan of prunes... =(