August 1, 2007


Sometimes people comment that I look like someone famous and beautiful. Then they ask to borrow money. People have told me that I look like these people:

Keri Russell, but it was back during her Felicity days. Trust me when I tell you that if I don't intervene, my hair looks just like that after washing it. Fro is fun. Keri is super cute in Waitress, too.

Brooke Shields. I think we share thick straight eyebrows.

Pauline said I reminded her of Kate Winslet in The Holiday. Unfortunately, it sounds like it was the character's crazy antics and not her gorgeousness that reminded Pauline of me. Nice to know that the person in my life with whom I spend the most time thinks I'm an unstable psycho chick.

Sophie Simmons (in red) - Gene Simmons' daughter? And we'll just leave the question mark there.

I so do not look as good as Giada does in an apron.

And then there is the Simpsonized version of me.

Okay, I was a little selective in the pictures I posted here. What girl wants to admit her hair looks like Brendan Fraser's in George of the Jungle? (Thanks, Wendy.) I told you my hair was fro-ish. All I can say about the ladies above is "I wish."


wendy v. said...

Mmm...I hope you get my btter simpsonized version of you soon. : )

wendy v. said...

You know who you look really look like? And Dad thought the same thing without my even telling him my opinion. We were watching Feasting on Asphalt and he said you look like the girl in the carpet ad. The one against the blue carpet. Ha! It's true.