May 6, 2007

World's Biggest Geek

That would be me. I'm sitting here eating a spinach and tofu burrito, and that right there should tell you that this post is going to be a ball of sunshine.

IMG_0342A typical Saturday night for me involves listening to the delightful musical selections of Lawrence Welk, but tonight I went with my parents to take pictures at the high school prom. The excitement was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

Then I met some friends at a Cinco de Mayo fiesta outside On the Border. Some live bands were playing, namely, the Kinky Wizards. The excitement was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

I liked the Wizards' sound and song selection. It's a little embarrassing, however, that I couldn't name most of the famous songs or artists they were covering. So while the groupies were dancing and swinging their arms in time, I sat in the metal folding chair wishing the whippersnappers would sit down so I could see. After all, the lead looked like Paul McCartney. How old am I?!? My friend panned her camera around to me while the song was playing, taping me lip-synching the lyrics. I was able to follow "I want you to want me. I need you to need me." before I just started making funny faces and mouthing "I don't know the words." I left the festivities at 12:30 to go turn in my library books. Those fines are nothing to sniff at.

Kinky Wizards

I missed out on a lot of rock music and cable television during my childhood, I guess. I like to tell myself sometimes that missing all that nonsense and partying will surely give me an edge over my peers in competition. So far, I just have abundant social awkwardness and ignorance of pop culture. I didn't go to prom, either.

I feel so old. Not just because I don't know the lyrics to any songs recorded after 1970, either. I feel tired and worn out and my bones creak when I stand up after sitting too long. I'm sure things will start looking up for me. I'd hate to think my life has already peaked.


Jetton said...

You're not a Geek. I think it is an impressive feat to have made it through high school without getting sucked into the nonsense and parties.

However, I am friends with the drummer of the Kinky Wizards. If you want to setup a private meeting to learn about popular rock-n-roll I could probably arrange it... for a small fee. =)

And proms are over-rated. My senior prom I had the limo, and dinner at Chez-Suzette, and I even sang "One More Night" by Phil Collins to her from the stage in front of all our peers, only to have her break up with me the next day. Yay Prom!

wendy v. said...

Wait, if you were having problems knowing the songs and lyrics, just think of how awkward I would have felt. You have at least one person who's far behind you on that one.

How are things?

Dina D'Alessandro said...

Stop talking about creaking bones. You're depressing me because I just realized I'm old enough to be your mom (if we lived in rural Kansas, but still).

I will say, though, that I'm impressed that you know who Lawrence Welk is, so maybe I'll just pretend to be your hip, older aunt instead.

Auntie said...

Wait! I thought I was the world's worst when it comes to song lyrics. I will go stand behind Wendy.

It's good you have Dina, because I can only be older--I'll never be hip.

wendy v. said...

I know that with school being over for now it's hard to get into a true blogging mood since you've nothing to avoid, but...I'm waiting for an update since some of us are still guilty of homework evasion.

diana UK said...

since when does one become a geek by eating a spinach and tofu burrito? it sounds more like that you have no tase in food :o)

diana UK said...


Marty said...

I don't know the words either so don't feel bad. It is hard for me because when I look out at the people there is always two or three girls who are putting all of their emotion into singing along. The problem is that they rarely sing/say the right words! I get embarrased, not sure why, but I do.
much love,
the lead who looks like Sir Paul (what a head "blower upper"! thnx)