May 25, 2007

Make Cupcakes Not War

I played a great joke on future Marine Scott by telling him I got this T for him.

I have been on a baking spree the last couple of weeks that rivals anything I've ever done in this life or any of my past lives that I remember. I've made something like five dozen cupcakes, four dozen cookies, a couple of cakes, a couple of pies, and what else?

Everyone at work asks me what treat I've brought for the day, and they get a little angry if I don't bring something. I'm mostly exaggerating. Yesterday at work, Sandra walked by my desk and saw the German Chocolate Cake in her periphery:

Sandra: Have you been on a baking spree or something lately?
Me: Yes. I'm out of school.
Sandra: So you don't have anything to do or what?
Me: Oh, I have lots of stuff to do. I just like to bake.
Sandra: Well, call me when you cut the cake.

The most fun was probably baking for the piano recital that my students performed in. Those kids were stacking dessert plates high with cupcakes, Rice Krispie treats, and cookies as big as their faces. I found a cupcake on the floor that didn't survive the mêlée.

Key Lime Pie & Dark Chocolate Cupcakes with GanacheBake sale Key Lime Pie and Dark Chocolate Cupcakes with Ganache - My co-workers went nuts about the cupcakes, and it started an interesting discussion on how men don't like dark chocolate as much as women.

Strawberry Cream CakeThere was the Strawberry Cream Cake I made for Mother's Day. Then I found out Mom doesn't really like Strawberry Shortcake. Oops. "Happy Mother's Day! I made something you don't like!"

IMG_0397Then there were the Taiwanese peanut butter cookies. Katie sent me some Skippy PB from Taiwan, and somehow I was out of extra crunchy peanut butter on Tuesday, so I used what she sent me. Best cookies ever.

German Chocolate Cake with Coffee, Cashew, and Coconut FrostingI made a German Chocolate Cake for Dad's birthday in April, and I had since wanted to try a frosting variation with Coffee, Cashews, and Coconut (instead of coconut and pecans) - an alliteration cake. I think it turned out really well. My favorite part of the story is that pregnant Pauline said her baby was moving around like crazy after eating the cake. I hope that's a good thing??

I've read more than once that menial tasks are making a comeback as hobbies, e.g., knitting, gardening, and cooking. Somehow doing laundry for fun hasn't really taken off, though. I love to bake, but I couldn't do it for employment. I'm much too slow and meticulous at measuring and following instructions to be efficient. Boring.

I'm off to the Metroplex. Matt and I are taking a little day trip to Natchitoches, so I'm hoping I'll post some good pictures. Wendy will be here when I get back! It sounds like a good opportunity to make ice cream.


wendy v. said...

I'm stealing that picture of Scott. I plan to upload my pictures of the Lubbock trip very soon so you can have at 'em. Sadly I think I only got four or five. I still have not entered the picture-taking mode.

I had fun with ya'll this weekend. The ice cream was super yummy. I'm craving some now...

Auntie said...

Gasp! How did it escape us that Aunt L. doesn't like Strawberry Shortcake?

How can the All-American Mom not like the All-American dessert?