December 10, 2006

What a week!

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New Orleans Saints at Dallas Cowboys

Let it snow!  My neighbors across the street built a snowman.
Oh wow! I am so happy to be alive! Last week was insanely crazy and now that it's over, the sky is bluer, the birds sing more beautifully, food tastes better. Okay, I'm being melodramatic as usual, but I am absolutely giddy.

My first semester of grad school is in the books, and I am glad to have made it through unscathed. I haven't gotten my grades yet, so I should probably reserve judgment until that time, but I feel pretty confident at this point. I'm not thinking about next semester until January. My final project for one class involved debating the value of Wikipedia as a viable resource. What do you think?

My piano students performed in a Christmas recital yesterday, Saturday. It was great. I had eleven students play. (Very unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures.) They all played fabulously, and their teacher was very pleased. Events like that make teaching worthwhile. There are a lot of weeks when I'm ready to quit teaching because of the ulcers my disinterested, non-practicing students have given me. I had a ball at the recital, though. It makes me think that teaching piano may be the most worthwhile thing I'm doing these days.

Also, last night I checked out the new Market Street United at 98th & Quaker. There probably aren't a lot of people that get as excited as I do about grocery shopping, but combine my euphoria after a successful piano recital with the excitement of shopping in a sexy new supermarket, and I was absolutely floating through the aisles. Actually, the new Market Street doesn't look very different from the original Lubbock concept store. Although, I did find unsweetened coconut, which I've needed for a few recipes and haven't been able to find around town. They had some produce and a few other sundries that I hadn't seen before either. I'm always hoping to make a love connection while shopping, so the only downside about my shopping experience last night was that the only guys there without wedding rings still had braces on their teeth. The grocery store hasn't been a fruitful place for me to meet my amazing dream guy yet, but I'm holding out hope. I'm sure one day I'll spot a tall, dark, and handsome with his canvas grocery totes checking prices--then the violins will play Tchaikovsky's "Romeo and Juliet Overture" or something.

I keep meaning to edit my blog sidebar and add some new links. Among the links I've been wanting to add is a link to the Freakonomics Blog. Freakonomics was an interesting read, and I enjoy the Levitt/Dubner blog as well. Pair Levitt with the hilarious Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report, and you've got some darn funny television! See below:

Those Saints are really pummeling the Cowboys! Are they for real? Yea for New Orleans. I doubt that I'm the only one surprised by this game. I don't like Dallas, even though it's neat that they've been able to revive what looked like an awful season at the start. I'm in a little online NFL pick 'em pool, and I forgot to submit my picks for the week. That's how crazy my week was. I've gotta get my priorities in check! I can't afford to spot these people 16 points. I'm not in last place, though, so I'm still a threat!


Anonymous said...

Happy hunting at the Meet Market...

wendy v. said...

Hey, today I was reading over some old blogs and I came across one about Austin where I wrote about those crazy buckle-up ads. "Yo, yo, yo, I forgot!"