December 4, 2006


Current Netflix rental:
Elizabeth I: Disc 1 & 2

The regular season of 2006 college football is in the books, Minnesota golden gophersand what a dismal season for the Big 12 South! I still can't believe that Texas lost to A&M. Tech's season seems long over, since they played their last game on November 18th. Looks like Tech is headed to the Insight Bowl to play Minnesota. Their mascot is the Golden Gophers. Oh brother. I'm glad there are still some good NFL games to come.

This video cracked me up:

USC Song Girl Cheers At Wrong Time - AGAIN

This blog made me laugh out loud: Dating coupons. The last guy I dated with any regularity was pretty frugal. At first, I thought that was attractive, being a miser myself, but later it really started to bug me. I remember at least two dates to restaurants for which he had won free meals running races. Nothing dishonorable about it, to be sure, but I saw the last of that guy awhile back. Oh well - I'm sure things worked out for him. So what do you think, should you use a coupon/gift certificate on a date? I say no, but my track record ain't so hot on romantical advice.


wendy v. said...

My roommates and I talked about the dating coupons thing when we were at Salt Lake. They all said it'd be okay with them. I don't know. I think it might be a little weird.

That Japanese exercise video was crazy! I really do have to wonder how you find these things. It weirded me out...

Auntie said...

Love that clip, too.

Coupons are one of those things that make guys look like girls.

They can only be properly organized and carried in a purse.

I saved $6 off our Christmas tree last night!