September 17, 2006

Separation Saturday

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This was certainly one of the more depressing Saturdays I've had in awhile. The Big 12 certainly stunk it up. I thought the Red Raiders could win their game against TCU, but they went and ruined my football season. Mike Leach quoted in a Star-Telegram article: "That was the sorriest offensive effort I have ever seen. I coached the worst offense in America, which would make me the worst offensive coach in America." Dad said that he'd better give Tech a $200,000 refund on his salary.

TCU coach Gary Patterson said:

"People have been underselling our kids for years. All everybody wants to talk about is the Big 12," Patterson said. "I get tired of being treated like a stepchild in this state and in this town, and our kids do too. ... I have a lot of respect for Mike Leach and his staff. Don't get me wrong. The bottom line is, I'd like to get a little bit here at TCU."
I find Coach Patterson's boasting amusing since his team didn't even score a touchdown. And come on, in the Mountain West Conference, they're playing the likes of BYU. They don't know how to play football in Utah! Hi Wendy.

What kind of world are we living in when Clemson can beat Florida State anyway? Miami dropped out of the Top 25? Michigan scored 47 points against Notre Dame in North Bend? I'm scared to leave the house tomorrow. Just to psyche myself up for the week, I think I may watch my tape of the 2002 Texas v. Texas Tech game where we upset the fourth-ranked Longhorns, 42-38. Ah, the good old days of Kliff Kingsbury, Wes Welker, Nehemiah Glover, and Taurean Henderson.

Texas Tech's Wes Welker pulls in a five-yard touchdown pass in front of Texas defender Dakarai Pearson during the third quarter. November 16, 2002. AP Photo

Smiling for the ladies? I'm not really as worked up as you'd think from reading my rant. Football is just good, clean fun. I got to go watch Scott play on Friday night. That was fun. He had some good tackles. He said he was so aggressive on the offensive line that his coaches jokingly told him to quit playing defense on offense. They won 56-24.

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Yeah I'll get on that as soon as I have a spare moment to do a proper update. What's up with you? I haven't been able to talk to you in quite a while. Look for a new entry by Saturday evening at least.