May 10, 2011

My New Favorite Dessert

Pavlovas are my new favorite dessert. They're a cinch to whip up - though they have to bake for awhile. You can top them with whatever fruits you want. They use leftover egg whites. No butter or oil, so they're low fat (not low calorie, but still). Win-win-win.

Pavlova with Fruit

I've found a couple of good recipes. This Gale Gand recipe takes less cooking time. Ina Garten's recipe takes longer in the oven, but the result is a creamier white than Gale's recipe. I decided that my favorite method is to use Ina's recipe, but sub 1 tablespoon of raspberry vinegar for the teaspoon of white wine vinegar called for.

Extraordinary Desserts

The outside of the pavlova develops a crisp shell in the oven, but the inside is gooey and sweet like a toasted marshmallow. When served with a slightly tart fruit like raspberries or kiwis, the combination is just perfect!

Mixed Berry Pavlova


Auntie said...

Lovely photos, my dear. I like the Raspberry Vinegar idea.

Speaking of RV, do you have a brand recommendation or do you make your own?

Kimberly said...

I have a bottle of Alessi that works nicely. I never thought of making my own. Have you tried doing that? (I'm already impressed.)

Auntie said...

I have read about boiling fruit, sugar and vinegar together for DIY flavored-vinegar, but no, I haven't tried.

My one purchase of Raspberry Vinegar (Heinz?) put me off buying it ever again. I have made good vinaigrettes just using jam.

I do like Alessi Balsamics, regular and white.

Jacqueline said...

I am definitely going to try this! It looks awesome.