October 6, 2009


What's your favorite sandwich? The favorite sandwich of the Massachusetts legislature is the Fluffernutter, a sandwich made with peanut butter and marshmallow fluff. And if you try one, it might become your favorite, too.

Have you ever heard of a fluffernutter before? I really can't remember when I first ate one. I do have a memory of visiting Washington, DC in my late teens. My family ate dinner in Union Station at some tourist trap that advertised world cuisine and had an entrée on its menu for each of various countries. Do you know what it listed for the United States offering? The fluffernutter. And Scott ordered one. It's not that he was foolish to do so. It was simply remarkable to me that of all the things that could have been on the menu, the fluffernutter was the thing chosen to represent the United States.

It's a very northeastern thing. The Marshmallow Fluff made by Durkee-Mower in Lynn, Massachusetts can't even be purchased in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, Colorado, Utah... I like this Mister Rogers video about how it's made.

I've half a mind to order a case of the fluff if only to support a small US company that's still in the family and still making their product one small batch at a time. It's probably the only business using Comic Sans on their site that I'd patronize. And after all, the shipping costs couldn't be that much - it's just fluff.

My personal favorite thing to order at Sheridan's is a vanilla custard concrete with peanut butter and marshmallow fluff, so I may venture to try a few of these Fluff recipes. And you've got to listen to these catchy jingles:
Fluffernutter Theme
The Flufferettes

Update: You can purchase Fluff at United Supermarkets and World Market in Lubbock. Hat tip to Brent!


wendy v. said...

Did you know when you wrote this post that October 8th is National Fluffernutter Day? At least according to this site: http://www.tfdutch.com/foodh.htm. It also indicates that I was born on National Coffee Cake Day. You can tell Mom that must be why I love that stuff. And Scott was born on Eat Beans Day. I think that's appropriate. In fact, I think think we were all born on the food holiday that fits us perfectly except Katie. Poor kid. Then again, maybe you don't like donuts that much?

Kimberly said...

Wendy, thank you for this exciting news! I'm going to have a fluffernutter for dinner. I want to double check to see if United sells the real fluff, not just Kraft marshmallow creme stuff.

I'm pretty sure there was an egregious error somewhere because I wasn't born on peanut butter lover's day. Yeah, candy corn and donuts, not a fan. At least it beats National Sardines Day.

Janssen said...

One summer in Maine, my best friend and I had these almost every single day. YUM.

Jamie Cotter said...

We love fluffernutter sandwiches! We also add Nutella to the PB and fluff to give it more of a chocolatey PB flavor. They recently had a fluff festival in Somerville MA where it was first invented. You can buy it online for a reasonable price but I'm sure you can't buy it in Texas.