July 27, 2009

No More Playing the Field

What do you think of themed wedding cakes? Does it depend on the theme? Like you're okay with a Star Trek cake (this one looks to be a good possibility to me), but you don't understand someone choosing a hunting theme? What about sports-themed wedding cakes?

Baseball Groom CakeI made a groom's cake this weekend. Once again, I made Bobby Flay's Chocolate Blackout Wedding Cake with Coconut Buttercream. If Bobby could only know the impact he's made on Lubbock with that recipe. The groom even said I could add chipotle pepper, which earned him my undying respect. He wanted it to look similar to this, but without the strawberries and drizzled chocolate.

I learned a few things making this cake. First, I was pretty sure that I was incapable of smoothing buttercream frosting to a perfect evenness; now I know it. It's even more of a problem on a square cake than a round one. Second, there's not a legal way to get bright red frosting without using two dozen bottles of red food coloring. Any amount less than that just gets you bright pink frosting. I'm not sure what blood would do for the color, but I was getting tempted to try it. I do have a big bowl full of red frosting left over. If you're above the red scare, come over and have some. It tastes pretty good despite the added quart of dye. The blue frosting was pretty bright, too. One mom said, "Don't you dare get any of that blue frosting on the bride's dress!"

Baseball Groom Cake

Nathan and Joanna's WeddingI wish I had done a better job with it. I'm afraid it had a bit of Cake Wreck-ish quality to it, but the groom said he was happy and that they got some good pictures with it of him swinging the bat and whatnot. It's a little different negotiating with grooms on their wedding cake than brides. Not that I've ever done a cake for a bridezilla or anything, but brides have stronger opinions because they're under more pressure. Guys have it made. Groom's cakes can be fun and bright and silly or non-existent and guests don't really care. And are you aware of this superstition? A single girl should take a piece of the groom's cake home and sleep with it under her pillow, and the man she dreams of is who she will marry. Hasn't worked out for me yet, and frankly, that sounds like a waste of good cake.

But I believe the best sports-themed wedding cake I've seen is this AT&T Jones Stadium wedding cake. Mike sent me pictures of it and I am dying to know what bakery made this cake. If you know, please tell me! Steve put it best: "That's the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. And they included the score of the most beautiful game I have ever seen."


Steve said...

If you had a themed cake, what would it be?

Kimberly said...

Hmmm. Good question. I could go for a music-themed cake. Maybe some literary ones? Dr. Seuss is the reading level I'm at these days.

Kimberly said...

Oh yeah, I love these cakes!

Threadless T-Shirt Cake Design Contest

I especially like the "Drop it like you're clumsy" cake.

Jamie Cotter said...

Beautiful cake, Kimberly! Wish I could've tried it. I've heard so much about your chocolate chipotle cake and have never had the pleasure of trying it.