May 21, 2008

Tart it up

People will make the most bizarre and awful comments sometimes. I know I try my best.

The latest ones I've heard directed at me are something like: "When are you getting married?" "How do you feel about your younger sister getting married before you?" Blah blah... I smile wanly.

There was one Sunday night from an older gentleman: "I hear news about you," he said to me with a coy smile. I know this means he wants the dish on my love life.

I returned the coy smile and said, "Yes, I'm still around."

"I hear there's a social life." I expect this means that, thank goodness, I'm not sitting at home on the weekends crying into my ice cream any longer because I caught a man. But I'll take it as a "Congratulations, I'm so happy for you." Not that being in a relationship makes your social life more interesting. Isn't that the point of being in a relationship? You see the same person every time you go out. Not my definition of a swinging social life.

Then more of the "race your sister to the altar" talk came up. I'm going to start replying to that with "I'm waiting for the perfect man." Not that I'd be his type.

The lovely comment I got today concerned what a ridiculous idea it is for me to make Katie and Porter's wedding cake.

So tonight, I'm building fruit tarts with a vengeance.

Fruit Tartlet

Fruit TartletKatie and Porter know that I will put all my effort into making a gorgeous and tasty cake. My plan is to bait guests at the reception by standing near the cake and accosting them with, "Oh man, do you see how that cake is leaning?" "Whoa, that cake is so dry!" and "That cake looks homemade."

Good times.

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Porter said...

Now that's the kind of blogging I like- rude sarcasm, parody of people with undeveloped sense of appropriateness, and then... LOTS and LOTS about your two favorite people in the world