December 31, 2007

Fortunately, Unfortunately

Did you ever read or write a 'fortunately, unfortunately' story in grade school? I remember writing one in second grade that involved a New Kids on the Block concert. I feel like writing another tonight, just without Joey and Donnie.
  • Fortunately, there was food in my house.
  • Unfortunately, it all appeared to be inedible.
  • Fortunately, I had milk in the house with which to make a hot drink.
  • Unfortunately, I got too excited about that hazelnut steamer and burned my tongue.
  • Fortunately, my house is so cold that the steamer quickly cooled enough to drink safely.
  • Unfortunately, I have a five years' supply of hot chocolate mix in my pantry, and that hazelnut steamer ain't gonna put a dent in it.
  • Fortunately, I made fast friends with toast smeared with butter and some crazy apple cider jelly.
  • Unfortunately, I had only enough jelly for one slice of toast.
  • Fortunately, I cleaned out the jelly jar and got to throw it away. One less thing in the fridge!
  • Unfortunately, I will be in Lubbock for New Year's.
  • Fortunately, I will have someone cute to kiss (the only fulfilled resolution from last year?).
I'm pretty sure my second grade story was better. Fortunately, it is time for bed. Unfortunately, I should have gone to bed before writing this second post.

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