October 18, 2007

Moonlight and Marsala

I'm becoming increasingly less enthused about my career path towards becoming an old maid librarian. I've just lost my sense of urgency about finishing up this degree. This semester I decided to rejoin society and quit being a hermit, and my schooling has suffered as a result. I can't say that I have any regrets.

The Dessert Party was amazingly fun to prep for and host. It makes me think it would be oh so much fun to run a patisserie. I had a fun San Diego trip at the beginning of the semester. Going to Scott's Friday football games is often the highlight of my week, and unfortunately his senior season is already winding down. Staying up late to make a Fair cake also beats the heck out of doing homework. That goes for a three-day Godfather marathon as well. Also, I stopped saying no to my friends when invited out for dinner.

And so it was that a few weeks ago I ended up at newlyweds Sarah and John's house for a set-up of sorts. Not only is it amazing that I am still willing to go on blind dates after many bad experiences, but it is perhaps more amazing that I have friends willing to introduce me to menfolk. I'm such a geek. There's a reason some people are single. Great guy on the other end of that set-up. He was so funny that I choked on my taco at dinner. That's classy.

A short time and a few dates later it was time to pull out the big guns, namely my Chicken Marsala recipe that gets around and New York Cheesecake for dessert. I took the leftover cheesecake to him the next day. That night in the car, he made some joke about me poisoning the cheesecake. Then:
New Guy: Maybe you put some Love Potion No. 9 in it.
Kimberly: If I were going to poison it, that's what I would use.
New Guy: [chuckles] You don't need it.
Kimberly: [swoon]
I'll stop. He did send me this comic. It's too big to fit nicely, so follow the link.

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Auntie said...

Oh joy! A happy boyfriend story.

Is that comic from XKCD.com? I love that site.